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Getting the Sources (with git)

Posted by coldtobi | 29 Dec, 2014, 10:16

This project uses git to manage its source code.

To understand how to get the right code, please read how branches and tags are used.

Executive Summary:

git clone


Layout of the Repository


Currently the project uses this branches to maintain the code:

  • To get the current (stable) release, use the master branch. This is the same version as downloading the archive file from However, I recommend using tags if you want a certain version.
  • trunk is the newest one, the developmen front.  The code will compile, but noones say that it will work. (even if trunk is only seldom broken)
  • feature-branches are used for new features to be developed of certain features. They are generally based on trunk (and rebased regulary). Do not expect that the features are already working. Feature branches will be deleted once they have been merged into trunk.

Used Tags

A tag "solarpowerlog-<version>" is generated for every released version.For example, with solarpowerlog-0.01  version 0.01 is marked.

(It may also be used to tag some versions, like release candiates.)

Get the code

Human-friendly project frontends:

Github project site: project site:

Repository locations

Currently solarpowerlog is availavble at the following locations:


Legacy/Backup location:

While I still push to both location, the github location is preferred.

to get the code of your desired branch, use

git clone

 [Updated Dec 2014]

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