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Welcome to solarpowerlog

Posted by coldtobi | 16 Jan, 2010, 12:55

Support This Project Welcome to the solarpowerlog homepage.

 Solarpowerlog is open source software for monitoring photovoltaic systems.

Quick Orientation: Please use the categories for your navigation:

News -- If I think something is important to mention, it will go here.

User Guides -- Targeting the user, this (will) contain user guides, manuals, FAQs, Howtos, etc.

Development -- Want to get involved? In this category, deveopment topics are covered.

[NEW] IRC-Chat: Join the channel #solarpowerlog at

[NEW] Use the Idea Torrent to submit ideas / suggestions.

Check out the mailling list at

For Development:

For Users:

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Solarpowerlog 0.12 released

Posted by coldtobi | 6 Dec, 2009, 18:52 For long I did not release the changes I made to solarpowerlog, today the new
vesion is due.

Key changes are some bug fixes, better support for win32 buids and a complete
rewrite of the communication interfaces...

Also, for the first, time, I repacked a debian package for the armel
archicteture. So if you are runnign a NSLU or Thecus N2100 with debian, this is
for you.


To quote the changelog:
(0.11 was not released, so the changes from 0.10 to 0.12 are given)

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Version 0.1 released

Posted by coldtobi | 17 Jul, 2009, 00:30

The new version can now store the data in a more convenient file format: CVS.

The CVSOutputFilter can dump all or a selection of informations to a specified file, which will be (if configured) rotated automatically at midnight.

See the Changelog NEWs file for details!


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Solarpowerlog welcomes the Windows Folks

Posted by coldtobi | 24 Jun, 2009, 22:34

I just uploaded a Windows version of solarpowerlog 0.01(a) to

The only difference between 0.01 and 0.01a is a small bug-fix, which only appeared on win32.

You can download the zip file at

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Project Links

Posted by coldtobi | 17 Jun, 2009, 01:32

Important project links:

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What is Solarpowerlog / Version 0.01 released

Posted by coldtobi | 16 Jun, 2009, 21:43

SolarPowerLog is an open source application for logging data and the performance of a photovoltaic system.

It is currently under heavy development, but the current released version 0.01 can already be used:

  • It connects via TCP/IP to Sputnik Engineering Solarmax inverters.
  • Can connect to an unlimited amount of inverters
  • Aquires data from the inverter and currently print them out to stdout.

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